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Day 14 / Furnace Creek

I had a really great day, driving went smoothly, the weather was good (although 47°C is a little too much for me) and I got some good shots at Death Valley!  I left Twentynine Palms around 9am after breakfast and all the other stuff I needed to... Read More

Day 13 / Twentynine Palms

I had a very nice day, usually when you stay somewhere for 2 or more days it gets a little more relaxed. I woke up around 9, had breakfast and left for the park around noon. I did a couple of short hikes, took photos and got back into town to grab... Read More

Day 12 / Twentynine Palms

What a day! I had a 6 hour drive or so from Tusayan to Twentynine Palms, I thought it would never end. I also had some trouble on the way because of road closures, so I had to take a couple of detours. But I eventually arrived around 4:30pm and... Read More

Day 11 / Tusayan

Today went a lot better! My leg is feeling better and everything went smoothly. The I left Page round 10:30am, I wanted to watch the beginning of the Apple event livestream. On the way to the Grand Canyon I stopped at the Cameron Trading Post for a... Read More

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