Day 11 / Tusayan

Today went a lot better! My leg is feeling better and everything went smoothly. The I left Page round 10:30am, I wanted to watch the beginning of the Apple event livestream. On the way to the Grand Canyon I stopped at the Cameron Trading Post for a snack. Somewhere after noon I visited all the viewpoints on the east entrance road and parked the car in the village.

I hopped on the shuttle to the western viewpoints and around 4pm I got back to check in at the hotel. I saw that there was a restaurant at the hotel itself, looked convenient. Apparently I walked into the fanciest restaurant in town (the price was also "fancy"). Anyway, the food was okay and totally not worth the money, next time I'm doing some research first. After dinner I drove back to the eastern viewpoint and I stayed for about 2-3 hours.

Tomorrow is a long driving day, I'm visiting Joshua Tree National Park. Hopefully the weather is fine because last time my two days there were pretty much ruined by the rain (floods, etc).