Day 14 / Furnace Creek

I had a really great day, driving went smoothly, the weather was good (although 47°C is a little too much for me) and I got some good shots at Death Valley! 

I left Twentynine Palms around 9am after breakfast and all the other stuff I needed to do. The Fairfield Inn & Suites was by far the best hotel I've stayed at this trip. Nice staff, gorgeous rooms and you even get complimentary washing detergent to do your laundry!

After a 4-hour drive and a couple of stops in Barstow and Baker for food and gas, I got to Death Valley around 2pm. I spent about an hour or two at the park before checking in at the Furnace Creek Ranch. I stayed here last year too, but in cabin, this year I'm staying at the motel. There aren't a lot of differences, but I when I compare to the two, I like the cabins from last year a little better.

Anyway, after a quick bite to eat the Corkscrew Saloon I went back to the park and headed to Dante's View. This is a very popular spot high in the mountains and it gives you a look down on to Death Valley itself. I shot the sunset there and I also met a few people from Germany and Italy and before we knew it, we spent 2 or 3 hours talking. Around 9pm I headed back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is the last full day for this trip, I'm headed back to Las Vegas to return the rental car and to check in at the Cosmopolitan. Monday morning I have my flight back to Amsterdam!